Connected Educator Month

Network to Learn, Collaborate to Innovate

Online communities and learning networks are helping hundreds of thousands of educators learn, reducing isolation and providing “just in time” access to knowledge and opportunities for collaboration. However, many educators are not yet participating and others aren’t realizing the full benefits. In many cases, schools, districts, and states also are not recognizing and rewarding this essential professional learning.

For these reasons, the U.S. Department of Education’s Connected Educators initiative launched Connected Educator Month August 2012. This year Connected Educator Month will be celebrated in October.  Throughout the month, there will be coordinated opportunities to participate in events and activities in dozens of online locations to develop skills and enhance one’s personal learning network.

Connecting and learning in communities of practice is highly recommended by the United States Department of Education for all educators and is becoming more readily accepted by the educator community as a key driver for digital transformations at the classroom, school and district levels.

Know New Ideas and Knovation are sponsors for this important initiative - check out our exciting August schedule of activities and topics below. Also, find out how joining and contributing to the Know New Ideas community can help you, what you can find and what you can do.

Blog Discussions

Igniting the Hope of Knowing from Randy Wilhelm
Randy will share his ideas around Igniting the Hope of Knowing, a topic of his popular TEDx talk. Three areas will be highlighted, Barriers to Learning, Living in the Question and the Pendulum of Engagement and Passion.

You, Your Network & Your Digital Legacy: Personal Branding for Teachers 
Lida Citroën, an internationally regarded branding expert based in Denver, has made a career of helping people and companies create new or enhanced identities. With more than 20 years of experience in creating and implementing standout strategies for public and private companies, Lida is a brand architect who excels at finding and emphasizing the values that operate at the core of every individual.

More Effective & More Productive
Join Knovation as we show how teaching with digital enables teachers to be more effective and more productive - addressing top concerns expressed by teachers in national research conducted by our team.

Game Based Learning

Dr. Kari Stubbs, Vice President of 21st Century Learning at BrainPOP, explores the nuances and benefits of game based learning, including the unique resources available from BrainPOP's GameUP.

UDL: Critical Elements & Instructional Planning Process

Dr. James Basham, Special Education Professor at the University of Kansas, shares insight into Universal Design for Learning, what are the critical elements and how do you plan your instruction to address them.

Top-Down, Bottom-Up, Inside-Out and Outside-In: Stories of Change and Innovation in Schools

Kathy Brautigam, Senior Strategist for policy, planning and practice in education technologies and former Director of the Bureau of Educational Technology at the Pennsylvania Department of Education, shares insight into transformations taking place in schools today - from every stakeholder and level - and how they are shaping the future of education and learning.


Trends in Technology and Education Overview

Knovation Chief Academic Officer Steve Nordmark covers the 6 major trends in technology and education. This webinar will introduce all the trends and our discussion formats within the education community.

Watch the recorded version of this Webinar

Discussion Forums

Trends in Technology and Education with Knovation Chief Academic Officer Steve Nordmark

  • Trend #1: 21st Century Culture
  • Trend #2: Data-driven Learning Process
  • Trend #3: Intuitive Human Computer Interaction
  • Trend #4: Let Me Learn My Way
  • Trend #5: Smart Social Learning
  • Trend #6: Technology Backbone

Addressing the Needs of the ELL Population with Multilingual Specialist from Orange County Public School, Jo Ann Yates
Discussing the many aspects of helping this important population of learners succeed.

Content Exhibits

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ELL Resources (click to interact with the Exhibit at Thinglink)

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