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Knovation Site of the Day: USGS: Scavenger Hunt #SiteOfTheDay http://bit.ly/1AaCHFK

USGS: Scavenger Hunt | Knovation Site of the Day


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What is icurio? Are you curious? http://bit.ly/1sszhMg #edtech

What is icurio? | Knovation


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Knovation Site of the Day: Learn Online: Count Us In #SiteOfTheDay http://bit.ly/1r1HhQq

Learn Online: Count Us In | Knovation Site of the Day


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“He that loves reading has everything within his reach.” -William Godwin

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big ideas

Learning is about making connections …

This morning I had a chance to sit in a 5th grade class …

And I was impressed …

The students came in, followed the directions on the ActivBoard, and did not make much noise at all …

So I just sat and watched trying to figure out what was going on …

I mean we only have 2 weeks of school left and this was not what I expected …

But I think that is it …

It was what the teacher expected …

She had established high expectations …

And students lived up to them!

After the students unpacked, they each brought their science homework to the teacher who was sitting at the back table. The teacher quickly checked over the homework, and shared quick comments with each student. If a student needed to make a correction, she was able to ask individual…


Posted by Melissa Edwards on May 21, 2014 at 9:00pm

Joy Spotting

As I am reflecting on all the teachers I appreciate for Teacher Appreciation Week, I feel blessed.  In our work here at Knovation, we get a chance to experience the great joy that comes from working with creative teachers that are transforming learning in their classrooms.  This led me to think, what can I do to show appreciation for teachers in my life and as I am working with them?  It seems to me that as educators, we have a good sense of what transformation looks like and good guidance on coaching through the professional work we’ve done, are we doing a good job of highlighting or lifting up those things that educators are doing well all around us?  Are we effectively spotting their joy?  

One of the most helpful things you can do to show appreciation is to spot their joy. 

There have been times when someone has pointed out how passionate I am about a certain topic or approach.  Their observation will always lead me to examine my current focus and…


Posted by Dawn Crawford, M. Ed. on May 7, 2014 at 5:04pm — 1 Comment


21st Century Skills - WE R 21C, R U? 21 Replies

Are you ready to galvanize your students' 21st century skills?Galvanize:  Verb.  To StimulateThe gauntlet is down.  Education, government and industry leaders desire and require today's students to be technically literate, ingenious, globally…Continue

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Started by Dawn Crawford, M. Ed. in Archived Discussions. Last reply by Dawn Crawford, M. Ed. Sep 11, 2013.


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